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Western Pennsylvania's Premier Vape Shop

10 Years in business!

Since 2013 we set off with a singular goal of converting as many smokers to vaping as possible.  Over the past 10 years we have done just that! We have a base of over 5000 returning customers that have either quit smoking or never started. This amazing innovative product has given us a way to ingest nicotine without FIRE and only a few ingredients opposed to the 600 in a cigarette.

Informed & Friendly Staff

Our managers and sales team are always here to help with a smile on our face! With a full staff of Vapors we can figure out anything. Unlike the corner/tobacco store we specialize in Vapes and Vaporizers not gambling machines, smelly cigarettes and tobacco.  Because of this our staff is trained to spot the fake knock off products that these stores are selling.

Large Menu

We always believed variety is the spice of life so we made it easy for EVERYONE to find something they not only like but love! We have a large selection of vaping products that we keep in stock.  If we don't have it, ask our staff and we will do our best to get it. Over the last few years we have been growing our departments with a variety of flavors and hardware.  We are guaranteed to have what you are looking for!

Woman Vaping


Looking for something easy! With many flavors to choose from these devices are great for starters.  Just pick a flavor and dispose of the whole device when it's empty.  K.I.S.S.

Refillable Pod Kits

These products are not only easy to use but also SAVE YOU MONEY!

Instead of throwing them away you just fill them back up with your choice of flavored e-liquid.

Mod w/ refillable tank

Start blowing clouds! These devices are made for flavor and low nicotine vaping.  They are bigger and need a bit more attention but the reward is GREAT!

Mod w/ Rebuildable

These products are made for the Experts in the vaping industry.  Build your own coils (aliens, helix, Claptons) and enjoy AMAZING flavor and some serious clouds.

Manufactures in Stock:

and MANY more......

Locations / Hours

Hours: All Locations

Monday - Saturday = 10am - 7pm

Sunday = 10am - 4pm

Altoona: 1801 20th Ave.   814-946-1900

Indiana: 22N 5th St.  724-463-1900

Johnstown: 227 Market St.   814-536-1900

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"My favorite vape shop. Always great service!"

John Oliver

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