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From beginners to advanced users, 

we have you covered!

JUST STARTING - Our courteous, knowlegeable staff will answer any questions and guide you down the path to a better-smelling you! We offer various choices for the beginning vaper, and will not let you leave the store until all questions and concerns are addressed and you are satisfied with your device. There are literally dozens upon dozens of flavors to try in varying nicotine levels, custom tailored for you, by our highly experienced staff.

INTERMEDIATE - So, you enjoy vaping and you want to get more out of your vaping experience. You may want advice from someone who is concerned more about your safety and enjoyment than making a sale. I think we've all been there! Vapor Expressions offers plenty of quality, mid-range vaping devices ranging from all-inclusive, mid-wattage kits for those who want ease and convenience, to 100+ watt beasts able to push your sub ohm tankers to their limits. We have you covered. Your options in these devices really open up your choices in juices and flavors! We offer plenty of high VG juice available.

ADVANCED- You know Ohm's law. Battery maintenance is second nature to you. You could set off a smoke alarm in a auditorium! If you are in this category, you know how fast this industry moves. Vapor Expressions utilizes reviews, research, testing, and most imprortantly, our customer's feedback to stay ahead of the game. We aren't just a retail store; we are a mixing pot of creative ideas and ever-evolving knowledge. We are friends coming together to share, compare and maybe show off a bit. RDAs, RBAs, temp control, wicking, nickel, titanium... Pushing 200+ watts to a pair of fused claptons through a parallel mech box!

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